About Our Company


We devote ourselves to research and development of various modalities (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, artificial intelligence (AI), etc.) in the medical setting to solve problems in the medical field, and create new medical care to enable people to enjoy lifelong health, both physically and mentally.

New medical care that we are aiming for

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines important diseases associated with aging and lifestyle (aging-related diseases) as “non-communicable diseases“ which include cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. 74% of all deaths worldwide in 2019 were due to these diseases. We target all four diseases, and we are developing drugs that are important not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.

In addition, society has become more complex, and many people are living under stress, but the level of satisfaction with treatment of mental illnesses is still insufficient compared to physical illnesses. In particular, the importance of mental care for women and children is obvious. Especially after the new coronavirus infection, mental health care has become a major issue. We are also focusing on medical issues including mental health care for women and children.

Furthermore, the counter measures against the new coronavirus infection is an important issue worldwide. Although the number of patients is decreasing due to the widespread use of vaccines and other medicines, there are still issues such as viral mutation, and the number of patients who develop pneumonia will never disappear. Therefore, there is a need for therapeutic drugs that can prevent the disease from worsening at home, prevent hospitalized patients from becoming seriously ill, and reduce sequelae. We are developing an oral medicine that can solve these medical issues.

We are working to solve issues of medical or social importance, such as aging-related diseases (cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases), diseases of women and children, and new coronavirus infections.