About Our Company


We devote ourselves to research and development of various modalities (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, artificial intelligence (AI)) in the medical setting to solve the medical issues, and create new medical care to enable people to enjoy lifelong health, both physically and mentally.

New medical care that we are aiming for

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines important diseases associated with aging and lifestyle (aging-related diseases) as “non-communicable diseases (NCDs)“ which include cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. 74% of all deaths worldwide in 2019 were due to these diseases. We target all four diseases, and we are developing drugs that are important not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.

Another important social issue is the declining birthrate, but not many pharmaceutical companies focus on the issue. We dedicate ourselves on medical issues for women (premenstrual dysphoric mood disorder, menopause disorder, AI diagnosis of breast cancer) and children (rapid diagnosis of phenylketonuria).

Measures to address the declining birthrate and aging population are among the most important issues facing Japan today.We are working to solve issues of medical or social importance, such as aging-related diseases (cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases), diseases of women and children, and new coronavirus infections.