IR Information

Disclosure Policy

(1)Information Disclosure Standards

We disclose information promptly, based on transparency, fairness, and continuity, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, as well as the “Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information” (hereinafter referred to as “Timely Disclosure Rules”) of the Securities Listing Regulations established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Even in cases not covered by laws and regulations or the Timely Disclosure Rules, we will actively and fairly disclose information that we deem important or useful for shareholders and investors to understand our company. We do not disclose personal information, customer information, or information that may infringe on the rights of related parties.

(2)Method of Information Disclosure

Information required by the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is also promptly posted on the Company’s website after being disclosed through TDnet. Information not covered by TDnet, but deemed important or useful, will be widely disclosed by posting it on the Company’s website.

(3)Prevention of Insider Trading

To prevent insider trading, we have established information management rules and insider trading management rules. In addition, a study session on insider trading regulations is convened for directors and employees every year and we distribute explanatory documents to ensure thorough understanding and awareness of the regulations, and we also appropriately issue internal notices to promote awareness of insider trading to directors and employees.

(4)Handling of performance forecasts and future information

The performance forecasts, future outlooks, strategies, goals, and other statements disclosed by the Company, other than those relating to past or present facts, are forward-looking statements, which are based on plans, expectations, and judgments based on information currently available to the Company and certain assumptions that are judged to be reasonable. Therefore, actual results may differ from the disclosed forecasts, etc., due to variable factors such as economic conditions and various other uncertainties.

(5)Development of Internal System

In accordance with this Disclosure Policy, the Company is striving to develop and enhance its internal systems to ensure appropriate disclosure of information in compliance with laws and regulations and the Timely Disclosure Rules.