Development status

Development of an Ultra-fine Endoscope
(medical device)

There are many cases in which excellent technologies are difficult to apply (put to practical use) in medicine because they do not meet the issues and needs of the medical field. Our company has developed a disposable ultrafine endoscope using a method called “Bio design”, which involves developing solutions to problems based on the needs of the medical field as a starting point, and optimizing development by imagining the final product in the medical field to achieve innovation.

Peritoneal dialysis is a treatment for end-stage renal failure that allows home dialysis and has advantages in terms of medical economy. However, it has to be discontinued after about five years because the peritoneum deteriorates over time and can cause serious complications. Currently, the only way to check the condition of the peritoneum is by laparotomy or laparoscopic observation. Peritoneal dialysis patients always have a tube inserted into the peritoneum to inject dialysis fluid. We have developed an ultra-fine endoscope that can be inserted through this thin tube to observe the peritoneal cavity non-invasively. In May 2020, we concluded a joint development and commercialization agreement (license agreement) with a leading company in the field of peritoneal dialysis and are currently preparing to file for regulatory approval. The first step is to file for marketing approval of the fiberscope alone that is the core component (without the guide catheter that is the accessory component). In June 2021, we received the first milestone as the licensee executed a supply agreement with a fiberscope manufacturer.