About Our Business

Our Strengths

Understanding Medical Issues and Problems (Needs) and Emphasis on Medical Practice

From the perspectives of understanding medical issues and problems (needs), developing them in the medical field, and contributing to innovation in the medical field, we are providing medical solutions that are derived not only from pharmaceuticals but also medical devices and artificial intelligence (AI).

We have so far focused on development of small molecule drugs but will also work on drug development of new modalities (nucleic acid drugs, antibody drugs, gene therapy, cell therapy, etc.).

Our basic business model is out-licensing to pharmaceutical and medical device companies after obtaining the therapeutic concept (Proof-of-concept; POC).

We would like to contribute to innovations in the medical field by cooperating with public research institutions such as universities and with companies that realize the commercialization, by contributing to the formation of an ecosystem of research and business development in the medical field, by reducing the development costs and risks, and by promoting fast commercialization.