Collaboration Agreement with Nipro Corporation for the Development of Chronic Dialysis Support System.

Jun 25, 2021

Renascience Inc. (“Renascience” headquartered at Chuo-ku, Tokyo) today announced executing a Collaboration Agreement with Nipro Corporation (”Nipro” headquartered at Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan) for the Development of a Support System for Diabetes Treatment.

Hemodialysis is an alternative treatment necessary to sustain the life of patients with chronic kidney failure. The number of patients exceeds 330,000, and the annual medical cost exceeds one trillion yen. A dialysis hospital commonly manages dozens of patients with one doctor, several nurses and clinical technicians. Human resources are insufficient, and the occurrence of complications such as sudden hypotension during dialysis is an important medical issue because it consumes scarce human resources and has a negative impact on the patient’s life prognosis.
It has been an important medical issue. Current technology cannot predict events such as hypotension, which occur at a certain rate, in advance.

In collaboration with NEC Corporation, Tohoku University School of Medicine, University of Tokyo School of Medicine, St. Luke’s International Hospital, and other organizations, we are conducting research and development of a dialysis support system that predicts IDH events like a skilled physician may predict as a means of solving problems in hemodialysis by applying artificial intelligence (AI), which is rapidly developing thanks to technological innovations such as deep learning. Medical data on dialysis patients were provided by 21 medical institutions, including St. Luke’s International Hospital and the largest dialysis medical group in Japan, and comes up to approximately 1% of all hemodialysis patients in Japan (300,000 dialysis cases of 4,000 patients). By utilizing a large amount of the big data, the accuracy of prediction has increased dramatically (AUC 0.85).

Renascience’s efforts for the development of AI solution
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